Agriculture Technology: How NagriTech Can Help Us?

As we know, the world is trying to adapt to organic products as more and more contemporary chemicals are used in agriculture and agribusiness; it has been proven by many European researchers that some of the contemporary chemicals that are used in modern-day agriculture can cause cancer and other diseases. By 2050, the global population will account for more than 10 billion and we all want to eat and drink responsibly and live long lives in doing so.

Conversely, thanks to new methods of agriculture and by way of new NagriTech Products, they can produce better food and they can save millions of lives in the process.

As innovators, they foresee their ability to build this business by thinking ahead of the curve and investing in what they call — ‘NagriCoin.’

NagriCoin is a project of an international biotechnology company NagriTech. The basic asset of this token is the Nagri product itself, which has been in development for more than 7 years. Nagri is the newest organic composite formulation of microelements and antioxidants that stimulate plant growth, which can find the broadest application in the agricultural and plant cultivation sectors around the world, increasing yields and improving the quality of almost all the crops it deals with.

The purpose of the company is to spread the mainstream word about eating healthy and using the best ingredients with all food sources. That includes what fertilizers are used as well, because going green is the growing conscious decision of the entire human race.

According to the team working at NagriTech, scientists and enthusiasts believe there is a way that the yield on crops can be naturally increased while at the same time protecting the plants and animals in the area. And this is accomplished via the use of organic materials only. There have been amazing biotechnological developments and years of valuable study and scientific research that has helped the industry find the solution to the ongoing problem.

NagriCoin produces organic fertilizers that have been tested in labs and fields all over the world. It’s a long process, because before a product can be considered organic and be allowed on your table with that label, it has to go through a scrutinizing and very particular procedure, of which each step of the process must be considered completely natural. The soil must contain too much chemicals or be oversaturated with harmful chemicals that cause damage to life or the environment.

The key advantage of NagriCoin is that these tokens are the only forms of cryptocurrency to be tied to a real sector — agriculture and land — which they believe will give more stability and lasting value when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

According to preliminary estimates, the estimated sales volume of Nagri by the end of the first stage should reach, in the most likely scenario, approximately 10 million litres in Brazil and 5 million litres in the EU. Thus, Nagri sales volume at the expected average selling price of 15 USD per litre will amount to approximately 200 million USD. In case of faster expansion of Nagri in target markets during the first stage, it is also possible to include promotion among other target markets, namely the markets of Ukraine, Mexico, the Russian Federation, China, etc. Certain preparatory activities are already being performed in a number of these countries, namely, Nagri certification, search for interested partners, etc.

The Benefits Are Numerous:

Increased Yield of 10–30% and improved quality of anything that is grown and cultivated. Along with a massive reduction of nitrogen in the sale of as much as 505. This will help to promote the development of a stronger root system that will help strengthen all grown crops.

And because of this, there is no reason to add more investments into equipment that isn’t needed. They can then be applied with effectiveness to technology that is already being used and can be improved. One of the results are plants that are naturally resistant to droughts. And lastly, there is absolutely no toxic substances contained within the crops, they are completely safe for animals and humans alike.

The team is massive, there is a huge collective of people from all over the world in the agricultural sector and politics as well as a tech who are involved. This includes larger enterprises and businesses who are heading the way for a greener way of life, specifically when it comes to food. You can see the entire team on the company website at

The company has also issued a buyback program for its tokens. The program includes 20% from the company’s gross profits allocated to repurchase tokens from investors once NagriTech reaches profitability. The company expects to reach the buyback phase by 2020. Buybacks are popular with investors because they help to increase the value of holdings by reducing the circulating supply as demand increases.

NagriTech is an exciting and revolutionary company using the crypto marketplace as a truly unique offering for agriculture and the future of our environment.

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Symbol : NGR

Type : ERC20

Token Price : 1 NGR = US $3

Accepted Currencies : ETH, BTC

Classification : Utility Token

Decimals : Not Specified

MVP/Prototype : Available

Token Sale Company :

ITO Start Date : May 28, 2018

ITO End Date : Jun 30, 2018

Token Distribution : Within 48 hours or less after ICO sale ends

Soft Cap : US $500,000

Hard Cap : US $22,000,000

Total Tokens : 11,788,617 NGR

Country : Ireland