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Using the Achain platform, developers can publish tokens, smart contracts, and blockchain systems simply, quickly, and securely. Achain is committed to creating a global blockchain network system for information exchange, value interconnection, and trust exchange. Achain’s philosophy and technical mission is to build a blockchain world without obstructions.

Why do you need Achain

Achain puts safety, stability, and scalability first in its design. By introducing modular virtual machines, intelligent sandboxes, value exchange, and bifurcation mechanisms, a blockchain network that is evolving, easy to use, low-cost, and moderately customized is created. In addition, Achain can theoretically achieve the available performance of 1000TPS by optimizing the block spacing, block capacity, and consensus algorithm. Achain believes that through technological innovation, it will be able to solve the trust between people and create a new network of production relationships to better integrate community consensus, individual behavior, and value exchange.

Achain’s development


Enable a new generation of smart contracts

The first RDPOS-based blockchain development was completed

Achain blockchain officially commercialized


Virtual Machine Development Based on LUA Smart Contract Completed

Upgrade smart contract sandbox mechanism, event mechanism

Achain Team Wins First Prize for China Blockchain Innovation Application Contest


Officially released technical white paper

Publish Visual Smart Contract Development Tools

Publishing open source code on Github

50+ DApps

120 contracts

The Achain, a blockchain project of China has received much attention last year (2017). On July 7th, 2017, the Achain completed a crowdfunding of 3000 BTC in 61 seconds.

Pundi X has joined the Achain Eco. PundiX POS will support all tokens from other members of the Achain ecosystem, including Linkeye’s LET, Coinfix’s USC, and more.

Here are just some of DApps:

· LinkEye — Blockchain-based credit scoring through an alliance of financial institutions

· Kcash — digital wallet & exchange supporting 30 assets/tokens

· Ourdax — first in world exchange to support all initial fork offerings (IFOs)

· CryptoDogs — game to adopt, raise & trade virtual dogs

· Selfsell — marketplace to invest in people’s future value

· Pundi X — cryptocurrency point-of-sale for retail — eg Bitpay

· Simons Chain — programmatic market-making with AI, smart models & platform arbitrage

· Coinfix — facilitates exchange between valuable & digital assets

Just like the Ethereum, Achain has a blockchain, which contains data blocks (transactions and smart contracts). These blocks are created by participants, while other participants verify them. Everyone can check the transactions through

ACT, the cryptocurrency from Achain, is used for paying the cost of calling smart contracts and other transaction fees.

What are the differences between Achain and Ethereum?

Ethereum uses POW+POS consensus, while Achain use its original RDPOS distributed consensus.

The difference between RDPOS (Result Delegated Proof of Stake) and DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) is the party which performs the validation of the execution of a smart contract. DPOS uses a correspondent node to perform a smart contract, in order to compare with the execution of the production block node. RDPOS will dynamically determine, according to the state of the result transaction (for example, R-Result) at the time of the package of production block node, whether smart contract should be verified by a correspondent node or all nodes. For a specific smart contract, for example, if the execution of smart contract requires a long period of time, and the space of the internal state of the smart contract is large, different strategies should be adopted to facilitate the rapid verification of the smart contract. In case of an unpackaged transaction resulting from the oversized result of the smart contract, the block-generation node will only package the result transaction Hash, so that all modes can automatically engage in the verification. This consensus mechanism theoretically improves the transaction performance of the entire network.

· Achain’s average block time is 10 seconds.

· The transaction performance on is up to 1000TPS (transactions per second).

· Achain provides a “sandbox mechanism”

The “sandbox mechanism” is a full-featured simulator. Every time users enter the sandbox, they do not need to spend tokens, but they can access all the chain functions, and verify their contract quickly. This mechanism can reduce the probability of false contracts on the chain, as well as reduce the cost of debugging.

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Achain project looks strong and might see incredible growth in 2018, especially when the community is constantly looking for a most convenient/fastest/cheapest currency. You can visit their website here —

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The company was founded by Popo Chen, the original founder of ’17 Media’, with the intention of shaping future economies by creating a financial center for the blockchain era. COBINHOOD believes the evolution of blockchain technology and a decentralized financial landscape will transform global capital markets and business organizations with long lasting impact.

Exchange management adheres to two basic principles — convenience and safety. And, if we can now notice the convenience, then when there are more registered users, we can assess the security and speed of the exchange. Although trading volume on exchanges is small, its growth is only a matter of time. Recently it was announced that COBINHOOD is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency platform now with more than 250,000 users. COBINHOOD’s website and app support 10 major languages, English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Portuguese / Arabic, covering 98% of the world’s population.

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