A Blockchain Platform For Healthy Lifestyle — DoctorSmart

Features of Doctor Smart

Doctor Smart will help young qualified specialists to find employment while helping established medical specialists to secure some additional income. This includes fitness instructors, nutritionists, veterinary doctors and more; it will also give an opportunity to work without insurance and will conduct price arbitrage between different countries. Doctor Smart platform facilitates mutual financial settlements, open access to medical records and to specialist’s certification status. The Doctor Smart platform facilitates an integrated ecosystem for all parties relevant to medical consultations, from doctors to patients to insurance companies and more. The implementation of smart contracts allows to introduce telemedicine services to insurance programs, while reducing costs for the provision of online consultations by automating large parts of the process for all parties.

What makes Doctor Smart ICO different from the others?

The healthcare industry is suffering from cost inefficiency and too much red tape. Currently, healthcare quality and costs are unjustified. Narrow focus on separate problems hinders improvement in quality of life. Patients don’t have true control over and easy access to their own health information. The healthcare industry is slow to adopt new technology. But the revolution has already begun!

Кey Doctor Smart Technologies:

Doctor Smart Blockchain Platform is a blockchain-based platform that ensures transparency and security for all participants. Blockchain is used to secure financial transactions, medical qualification and certification data, and user-generated ratings.

Doctor Smart ICO Details

Joining the ICO will entail the users undergoing a KYC process from where they can sign up to create an account with Cryptonomos and load it with the tokens, get on the Doctor Smart ICO then purchase the tokens.



Doctor Smart was founded in 2017 by Pavel Roytberg, one of the leading experts in telemedicine and health technology, and Vladimir Nikolsky, who has more than 10 years’ experience in international internet businesses, with numerous successful tech product launches.

Join token sale, join the future of medicine! — https://doctorsmart.io

Website: https://ds.cryptonomos.com/

Marko Vidrih @cryptomarks

BitcoinTalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile



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