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The blockchain revolution has made its way to the healthcare industry, and it’s only the beginning of what’s possible. Healthcare Rallies for Blockchain, a study from IBM, found that 16% of surveyed healthcare executives had solid plans to implement a commercial blockchain solution last year (2017), while 56% expected to by 2020. Healthcare companies, tech innovators and the rest of the healthcare industry are grappling with what’s possible now and what blockchain could solve in the future.

The overall vision for blockchain to disrupt healthcare in the future would be to solve many issues that plague the industry today to create a common database of health information that doctors and providers could access no matter what electronic medical system they used, higher security and privacy, less admin time for doctors so there’s more time to spend on patient care, and even better sharing of research results to facilitate new drug and treatment therapies for disease.

Experts believe that the market for internet healthcare services will reach $ 3.3 trillion by the year 2022 (according to Grand View Research inc.), however, we can expect much greater changes. It’s widely accepted that the traditional system of interaction between clients and healthcare service providers needs a rethink. Typical outpatient appointments will come to be replaced with more convenient and accessible remote consultations and, as a result, the market potential for digital healthcare and wellness services is forecasted to be over $2 trn by 2022.

Doctor Smart believes it can achieve a significant market share and is initially aiming for 2% by 2022, at which point the turnover of the platform would be $40 billion per annum.

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Doctor Smart is an innovative platform for the provision of digital services in the field of health and wellness.

Ecosystem health delivery to each person at anytime, anywhere. Using blockchain technology as the basis of our ecosystem will make the relationship between all participants transparent and simple. Transparent financial settlement system, open access to the medical history and the results of certification experts, reducing the overhead of initial reception, reduced the actual cost of consultation by automating a large part of the actions of the doctor and the patient, the introduction of smart-contracts for the provision of on-line consultation, the creation of the necessary conditions for inclusion of telemedicine services in the insurance program.

Features of Doctor Smart

Doctor Smart will help young qualified specialists to find employment while helping established medical specialists to secure some additional income. This includes fitness instructors, nutritionists, veterinary doctors and more; it will also give an opportunity to work without insurance and will conduct price arbitrage between different countries. Doctor Smart platform facilitates mutual financial settlements, open access to medical records and to specialist’s certification status. The Doctor Smart platform facilitates an integrated ecosystem for all parties relevant to medical consultations, from doctors to patients to insurance companies and more. The implementation of smart contracts allows to introduce telemedicine services to insurance programs, while reducing costs for the provision of online consultations by automating large parts of the process for all parties.

The technology behind Doctor Smart is what really makes it special. Firstly, Doctor Smart is the only solution in the market with a treatment verification system. Doctor Smart automatically checks any prescribed medication for relevance, compatibility with a patient’s previous medical records, and for drug interactions. This solution has already been implemented at Medicina, one of the leading multi-specialty medical clinics in Moscow.

Secondly, Doctor Smart has developed a proprietary technology for verifying medical qualifications. It uses the current international professional standards to ensure that Doctor Smart users receive high-quality advice.

Thirdly, Doctor Smart is a blockchain-based solution. Blockchain smart contracts make interaction secure and transparent to all Doctor Smart users, while enabling efficient exchange of medical and financial data between its participants. It’s a friendly, technology-driven ecosystem, aimed at protecting the interests of all participants and giving them true control over the system.

What makes Doctor Smart ICO different from the others?

The healthcare industry is suffering from cost inefficiency and too much red tape. Currently, healthcare quality and costs are unjustified. Narrow focus on separate problems hinders improvement in quality of life. Patients don’t have true control over and easy access to their own health information. The healthcare industry is slow to adopt new technology. But the revolution has already begun!

A possible scenario is that the transnational corporations win, keeping hold of resources and data. An alternative would be to give consumers control over healthcare. Doctor Smart aims to drive change to empower consumers worldwide! They aspire to help people take control of their health and quality of life!

Кey Doctor Smart Technologies:

Doctor Smart Blockchain Platform is a blockchain-based platform that ensures transparency and security for all participants. Blockchain is used to secure financial transactions, medical qualification and certification data, and user-generated ratings.

Cloud Medical Information System (Doctor Smart Cloud EMR) is a cloud storage solution for specialists and clinics joining the Doctor Smart ecosystem.

Specialist Ratings Module provides a mechanism to collect user ratings — patients are invited to rate their experience during a virtual visit.

Smart Queue Module is an AI-powered solution able to recommend specialists based on the subject, qualifications, and user ratings.

Clinical Decision Support System is an intelligent tool for supporting clinical decisions that performs matching against previous medical records.

Data Bank stores medical data, including the Doctor Smart health records and history, as well as information from other sources, such as external Electronic Health and Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR) systems.

Doctor Smart ICO Details

Joining the ICO will entail the users undergoing a KYC process from where they can sign up to create an account with Cryptonomos and load it with the tokens, get on the Doctor Smart ICO then purchase the tokens.

Pre-sale is already closed. Main sale starts on 10th of June 2018. As of the stage, the token exchange rate stands at 1 DSTT- 0.001 ETH. However, the exchange allows for purchase through BTC, BCH, ZEC, LTC, and DASH.

· Token-DSTT

· Type ERC20

· Total supply of tokens: ?

· ICO hard cap-$50 million

· Soft cap-$5 million

· End date-July 30, 2018


Q2 2017

Start of project development, team selection.

Q4 2017

Project announcement.

Q2 2018

TeleHealth and TeleMedicine module;

Client account basic version;

Specialist account basic version;

Payment module basic version;

Cloud Medical Information System (DS Cloud EMR) basic version;

Doctor’s pre-scoring (AI based) module basic version.

Q3 2018

Offline Appointment and Medical Test module;

Decision Support System;

Doctors Ratings module;

Doctor Smart Blockchain Platform;

Wellness segment of Client Account basic version.

Q4 2018

Specialist account full version;

Client account full version;

Cloud Medical Information System (DS Cloud EMR) full version;

Smart Queue module.

Q1 2019

Payment module full version;

Open API module;

ESB Integration module basic version;

Consilium module;

Insurance policies based on smart contracts.

Q2 2019

Atomic Service module;

AI-driven Wellness section of Client Account;

Doctor’s pre-scoring (AI based) module full version.

Q3 2019

Doctor Smart e-prescriptions with confirmation on blockchain;

ESB Integration module full version.

Q1 2020

Launch in Americas.


Doctor Smart was founded in 2017 by Pavel Roytberg, one of the leading experts in telemedicine and health technology, and Vladimir Nikolsky, who has more than 10 years’ experience in international internet businesses, with numerous successful tech product launches.

Nevil Chimon, Business Development Director for the Asian region, has been a leader in drug discovery and diagnostic healthcare over the last two decades, Nevil helped transform how drugs are tested and changed the direction of clinical trial design by using molecular imaging to save dozens of millions of dollars for Big Pharma. In 2010, as a CEO, he helped grow the largest private diagnostic clinic in Singapore with unmatched capabilities in nuclear medicine, successfully completing M&As with Fortis Healthcare in 2012 for USD56M and Fullerton Healthcare in 2014 for USD85M.

Viacheslav Potemkin, Head of Product, is in charge of product development, making sure Doctor Smart grows fast and efficiently, to achieve its full market potential. As a Project Leader in mobile and web design with more than 9 years’ experience, he has worked on products with audiences of more than 75 million users in 42 countries.

Dmitry Khan, Vice President International Business Development is a blockchain expert and corporate strategic advisor. Dmitry has 20 years’ experience in the venture capital industry and direct investments, as well as in the field of mergers and acquisitions in hi-tech and biomedicine.

Kirill Keker, System Architect, is designing the unique, technologically elegant platform that will make Doctor Smart stand out in a global market. Kirill is a technical expert with more than 10 years’ experience in software development for mass media, telecommunications and banking.

Ivan Tiutiundzhi, PR Director, carefully interprets user needs and communicates with the Doctor Smart team in order to convey the right messages. He has a PhD in Sociology and has previously been recognized with industry awards — Best PR Director in 2014 and 2017 — by the Russian Managers Association and the Kommersant Publishing House.

There are currently four technical teams working on Doctor Smart, each including 7–16 developers.

They also have operational teams in Singapore, Russia, and Cyprus. The company currently employs more than 30 people (both in-house and outsourced).

“Doctor Smart aims to give millions of people access to quality healthcare, regardless of their income level or place of residence. Our goal is to help improve medical support and overall quality of life”, said Pavel Roytberg, the CEO of Doctor Smart.

Join token sale, join the future of medicine! — https://doctorsmart.io

Website: https://ds.cryptonomos.com/

Whitepaper: https://ds.cryptonomos.com/whitepaper_eng.pdf

Telegram: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@DoctorSmart_ICO

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoctorSmartEng

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoctorSmartEng/

Medium: https://medium.com/doctorsmart

Marko Vidrih @cryptomarks

BitcoinTalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile

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