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The DeFi hype opened a more useful understanding of DLT power. But while everybody is hyping around lending money, there is a huge leap forward happening in the trading industry in parallel. The technical part with charting, alerts, indicators, and strategies is long covered by industry leader TradingView. However, we need to add 2 more crucial parts of the landscape into the equation to cover the full specter of services that used to be exclusively covered by brokerage houses: different types of trade executions and customer representation in the capital market.

It is well-known that an investor no longer needs a brokerage house to be able to access exchanges and execute trades on crypto markets. Yet, not so long ago, there were other pro-level trading services still absent from the crypto market. What is replacing the brokerage houses in crypto space today? Who is creating the crypto trading industry guidelines? And, is there something left for brokerage houses in crypto? …

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DeFi, or Decentralized finance, is a relatively new construct but if you’ve had even half an eye on the cryptocurrency space in 2020, then you can’t have missed the surge of news stories and emerging projects around DeFi.

DeFi offers smart contracts that use the blockchain technology commonly used with cryptocurrency in order to establish smart contracts without the use of traditional banking establishments. …

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When it comes to getting started with cryptocurrency and trading you want to make sure you’re using one of the best possible options. You want to make sure that you have a great service that will help you trade, buy and sell all of the top cryptocurrencies. But how do you know which platform is the best way to go?

Well, you’re going to want to take a look at plenty of different options. And one of those options you should look at is the OKEx Exchange.

DYOR or Do Your Own Research

First of all, you have to DYOR about the exchange background. OKEx Exchange is actually one of the top-ten cryptocurrency exchanges in the world according to daily volume. They do approximately $1.68 million in exchanges throughout the course of a single day. Plus, they have everything you need all in one, including crypto-to-fiat trading, wallet options and futures trading. Those are all things you would normally need to reach out to different services to combine, but you can get all of it and more with this one exchange. That makes things a whole lot easier for you to get started and to carry out all of your processes. …


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